#65 – Lars Magnar Enoksen – Galdr & Runes – Norse Sorcery Compendium

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Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This time with Lars Magnar Enoksen. As last time with Lars, this episode is in english as we recognize this subject has an international audience we would like to make this information available to. 2 hours of unscripted and uncut conversation about the powers of ancient nordic sorcery, what it all can mean and how you can use it for your own benefit is some of the the subjects we touch upon in this conversation. The very interesting story of how Lars Magnars facination for this subject came about and how it developed gives us a great understanding of the values and effort that has been put into his latest book:
«Norse Sorcery Compendium » «Galdr & Runes»

Photo: Petter Steen

A great thanks to Lars Magnar Enoksen for his time and effort to explain this for us.

The easiest way to access more of Lars Magnar, his books and his wisdom is via his Facebook, where he  willingly shares comics, runes, art, projects and all events where you can find him sharing his profound knowledge.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this converasation as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.


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